After four weeks I

Already living 4 weeks in France & it feels like I was born here. I got used to the changes quite good. It has been 4 weeks filled with experiences I have never thought about, people I met who I never saw before, experiencing a new side of my inner self at the time.

I made some really bad experiences which going to be the worst of my life. All the time I thought “if this is going to happened to me.. I could never deal with it/it would break my into a million pieces” until..

it happened to me and I am going trough it now. It was an experience – a part of my current chapter – hours I won’t forget but also a challenge I have to win and I will.

We always think we can’t until we did, right? Every challenge makes us stronger. Especially if you have truthfully friends who are supporting you in a psychically way.

It’s not that easy finding French friends to be honest. What they do most of the time? Starring on the floor or phone, are more closed to themselves. I don’t say every one does it but a lot. Feels like they are a bit afraid of foreigners but I see it as a challenge. The people I hang out are from all over the world at the time (Thailand, America, Norway, Eastern..) and a few open minded French guys. It is pretty interesting how you get in touch with different types of people IF you are friendly, NOT shy and open to new languages and new people.

“Friends come and friends go […]”

– my dad.

But is it really true? My option is the friends who are the true ones won’t leave you, forget you, stay behind you, support you and LOVE you. My best friend is my one and only I would do everything for her and we already went trough so much in the past 6 years. Sometimes it is hard in a friendship (just like in a relationship) but there are also easy times. Sometimes we have to fight for someone to remind them how important they are for us. Don’t you think?

I made friends over here who already left me. Am I said? Well, I am impressed because I haven’t expected how their reactions turned out. I tried my best at the end but I am not going to put my hands on fire for them. If there comes nothing  back (and I don’t even now why) then… they don’t deserve me. Easy life. I am not wasting time for “those kind of people” who like to ignore.

Don’t forget that reactions from others might be a Bumerang – my door for you is closed afterwards.

🎉I am excited for the weekend (have awesome plans with interesting people)🎉