After 4 weeks II

As I said things working out for me pretty well. Already had a month filled with experiences, ups and highs and there are still many months to go. As i stayed in America I really felt it. I just didn’t dressed and acted like one, I thought differently and I really felt like one. Everything influenced me in a good way and I know I have been pretty proud.

Do I feel the same way right now? The answer is no and i also won’t in the future. Well, that’s what I think right now it might change in a half year, in 10 months or in a year – or never. I already had time to watch Pariser for the past 5 weeks. How they go through their daily life, how their mood depends on the daytime, how they react at all etc.

I do NOT want to live my life like they are doing. Recognizing tourists and/or foreigners on their look into your eyes, their “salut” or “bonjour” with poor language skills. Pariser have always the headphones in (except the phone died), reading books while they walk, no smiling and no hello. Sometimes I am lucky and getting a hello back 🙂

On my way to a protest last weekend I have seen a woman crying in the metro. Do you honestly think anyone asked her if everything is alright?

As I reached my train station to get to Saint Lazare Paris for a job interview last Monday I saw an older couple which seemed a bit confused. Did anyone asked them if they need help? After I heard them speaking English my first thought: tourists. SOMEONE HAS TO HELP THEM. DONT WE ALL WANT HELP ON A ROAD TRIP? I asked which station they want to go and I took them with me. They asked me a few questions in the train and I reminded the Canadian couple to get out at the next stop. I was already running a bit late but after I spend a quick look behind me, seeing them standing in the crowd and looking around I went back. Asked them were exactly they want to go. I got an answer of my question which I did not had to ask: The Eiffel Tower.

I figured out their next metro stations and I heard I am the nicest Pariser they have meet and how grateful they were.

It means a lot to me hearing that BUT I haven’t acted like a Pariser AT ALL. Afterwards I went to my job interview and I was right on time (actually 5 minutes earlier).